On the climate nature trail in the direction of Alp Languard.On the climate nature trail in the direction of Alp Languard.
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Climate nature trail

Muottas Muragl – Alp Languard

Internationally recognised Adventure Nature Trail above the Segantini Hut: "In the footsteps of climate change". This adventure nature trail leads over the Schafberg above Pontresina and features 15 information boards over a distance of around 9 km, designed to raise awareness of climate-related natural phenomena in the Alps.

Focusing on the speed of climate warming, the adventure nature trail also provides information on the causes and global consequences of the greenhouse effect. The information boards also indicate potential solutions and possibilities for action.

The climate trail is a project of WWF Switzerland in association with the Engadin Nature Research Foundation (SESN) and is supported by the local communities of Pontresina and Samedan, as well as by sponsors. A brochure has been published entitled "Auf den Spuren des Klimawandels" (In the footsteps of climate change). The brochure is available from Pontresina Tourist Information and from Municipality Pontresina, and can be ordered online.


A guide on the Morteratsch Glacier Nature Trail entitled "Lebendiges Gletschervorfeld"(Living Glacier Foreland) is available from Pontresina Tourist Information or Municipality Pontresina.

Exploring the climate nature trail digitally

The virtual climate nature trail is a learning platform on the subject of "Climate Change in the Alps", financed by the ETH Zurich. The learning platform focuses on the region where climate change is making itself felt – the Alps. Eighteen themed items, consisting of various learning steps and learning checks, introduce visitors to various issues concerning climate change. The learning platform is designed for both schools and the general public. It is freely accessible for everyone on the internet.

More information:
Virtual-climate-nature-trail (in German only)

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