Nostalgia posters of PontresinaNostalgia posters of Pontresina
Engadin torte – pure enjoymentEngadin torte – pure enjoyment
Nostalgia posters of PontresinaNostalgia posters of Pontresina
Engadin torte – pure enjoymentEngadin torte – pure enjoyment


Specialities from Pontresina

There are many typical Engadin specialities. These include not only delicacies such as the Engadin torte, capuns or "Gletscher fondue" but also Swiss stone pine products, chocolate treats and many other items.

Engadin torte

Just as the Engadin is not just any mountainous region, the Engadin torte is not just any cake. Johann Friedrich Kochendörfer created this speciality in the 1930s and now, more than sixty years later, it is highly regarded far beyond the Engadin. The Kochendörfer Engadin torte. The recipe cannot be revealed. Try a piece of this special treat, either as a crowning dessert or with a cup of coffee.


The Engadin torte is available in the Kochendörfer pastry shop in Pontresina and can also be ordered online.


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"Gletscher fondue"

Proximity to the Morteratsch glacier gave the Alpine dairy of Pontresina the impetus to create the "Gletscher fondue". This fondue should not be pre-cooked, it should taste as if it were homemade, it should be easy and uncomplicated to prepare, and it should be made without melting salt and preservatives. The recipe was refined again and again until the mixture was exactly as the Pontresina cheese specialists wanted it.

Only top-quality, aged Swiss raw milk cheese (non-pasteurised) is used. The following fondue mixtures are offered under the name "Gletscher fondue":

  • Alpine dairy house mixture
  • Motié-Moitié
  • Truffle and champagne
  • Engadin herb mixture

The fondue mixtures can be ordered in the Alpine dairy in Pontresina and online.

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"Gletschermutschli" and "Heutaler" cheese

60 years after the last cheese left the Alp Nova, the Alpine dairy in Pontresina is once again producing cheese in the traditional way on this idyllic alp. The mountain cheese dairy is now a popular excursion destination for locals and visitors alike. How "Gletschermutschli" and "Heutaler" cheese are made over an open fire can be experienced at first hand.


The cheese can be purchased at the Alpine dairy in Pontresina or at the Morteratsch mountain cheese dairy.


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Gianotti's hay truffles

Gianotti's chocolaterie makes the hearts of cocoa lovers beat faster. Pralines, truffles, broken chocolate and "grand crus" from all over the world – there's chocolate wherever you look. This includes the pale green hay truffle – sweet, chocolaty and with a slight taste of hay. Tasting is allowed.

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Engadin Bernina beer
Engadin Bernina beer

Engadin Bernina beer

To meet the huge demand for local beer, "Käslin Getränke Pontresina" decided to brew a refreshing natural Bernina beer in collaboration with "BierVision Monstein". This hops beverage is available in several Pontresina pubs and restaurants. Just ask for an Engadin Bernina beer!

"Käslin Getränke":

Swiss stone pine products

Whether in a comfortable bedroom, a charming dining room or a cosy parlour, wood always creates a special atmosphere. Everything imaginable can be created using various types of wood. Visit the shops and the Rominger Boutique as you leave the village in the direction of Bernina and allow yourself to be enchanted by the wooden creations.


The decorative stone pine figures (hares, ibex, deer, etc.) are especially popular as gifts.


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The book "A Bell for Ursli"

The story of "Schellen-Ursli" is based on the ancient tradition of the "Chalandamarz", the name given to the parade of the Romansh children in the Engadin when they drive away the winter with bells. A Bell for Ursli, "Uorsin" in the Rhaeto-Romanic original, is one of the most famous children’s books in Switzerland. The children’s books by the well-known painter Alois Carigiet and author Selina Chönz are among the classics of children’s literature and are ideal gifts for children and adults alike. They are available in English from the Schocher book shop in Pontresina.

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Pontresina shirts

Più-Fashion and Gruber Sport have created their own shirt collection with funny and trendy themes. Visit both shops and ask to see the different styles.

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Pontresina nostalgia posters

In the last few decades, various Pontresina posters have been created by famous artists. These subjects are very popular and large numbers of originals are auctioned at poster auctions. Reproductions of some of the pictures can be obtained from Pontresina Tourist Informati

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