San Spiert Catholic ChurchSan Spiert Catholic Church
San Spiert Catholic ChurchSan Spiert Catholic Church

Catholic Church

San Spiert Chapel of the Holy Spirit

In 1485, Johannes Maurizius Tepesta constructed a chapel in Pontresina to pray to the Holy Spirit with Episcopal permission. It was only used for a short period and soon fell into oblivion. In 1941, remains of the former chapel were found in the basement rooms of the Haus Aebli, on the corner of Via Maistra and Via San Spiert.

San Spiert Catholic Church

The current church has a turbulent history. It has undergone three construction phases in its 60-year history. In January 1923, the entire complex of the Restaurant-Casino Tais – consisting of a restaurant, a casino hall and a stable built underneath it – was purchased.

While the restaurant was still operating, the hall was converted into a church and as early as 15 July, 1923, it was inaugurated by the vicar general of Chur, who later became Bishop Dr. Laurentius Matthias Vinzenz. A second construction phase followed in 1927 when the restaurant was converted into a presbytery. In addition, a Roman steeple was built in between the presbytery and the church and was given a small bell dating back to 1597. Virtually no changes were made to the interior of the church. The sacristy was still located at the back of the presbytery. There was also still a small gallery at the back with a harmonium.

The church with its 100 seats was always far too small, in particular during the main season. This situation necessitated an expansion. In July 1955, work began on the expansion. The nave was extended to include a large chancel. A side chapel – known as the Brother Klausen Chapel – was built on the right of the new chancel, and the sacristy was constructed on its left. This gave the church 100 additional seats and so it has 200 to 230 seats today.

The main entrance was also redesigned. A stone sculpture of a hovering Holy Spirit dove, under which twelve fiery red flames were distributed, was installed in the chancel. This second enlarged parish church was inaugurated on 30 November, 1956, by Bishop Dr. Christianus Caminada of Chur. In 1973, the parish church underwent an interior refurbishment, which saw the galleries added to the presbytery and a large organ installed in the chancel room. In the summer of 2009, the newly designed church forecourt was ceremoniously opened.

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Römisch-katholisches Pfarramt San Spiert
Via Maistra 192 
7504 Pontresina
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