Lake Staz attracts large numbers of bathers in the summer (photo © Swiss Image, D. Martinek)Lake Staz attracts large numbers of bathers in the summer (photo © Swiss Image, D. Martinek)

Bathing lakes

Lej da Staz / Lake Staz

Between St. Moritz and Pontresina, in the middle of a wide, open clearing, lies the "Lej da Staz" or Lake Staz. The peat land meadows, which surround it on two sides, the reed-beds and marsh clover give it a special character and create a very special atmosphere. To the east, the Languard range towers on the horizon, forming a beautiful and dramatic backdrop. To the west, the impressive silhouettes of the Piz Julier and the Piz Albana can be seen above the tops of the Swiss stone pine and larch trees. Lake Staz heats up sufficiently on sunny days to attract bathing enthusiasts. Hotel Restaurant Staz is located directly by the lake.

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Lej Marsch

Just below Lej Nair, lies Lej Marsch. It is one of the region's most popular bathing lakes. Its water heats up to 20 to 21 degrees Celsius in good weather. With its sunny and sheltered position on the edge of the forest, small beach on the north shore and picnic sites, and particularly because of its closeness to the car park for the Olympic ski-jump, it attracts large numbers of visitors on summer days.

Lej Nair

Situated 200 m below Lake Hahnen, the Lej Nair reflects the massif of Piz Corvatsch which rises above the larch and pine trees on its banks. Dragonflies whirr above the still waters, and, with a little luck, you may see some jumping fish. The sun warms the water sufficiently to make it attractive for a dip. As the Lej Nair is only accessible on foot, only a few people bother to carry their swimming outfits up to it.

Golf lakes

The golf lakes are situated just outside Samedan. They are some of the region's most popular bathing lakes. In good weather, the water heats up to 19 to 20 degrees Celsius. Located near the banks of the river Inn, with picnic and barbecue sites and a children's playground, they are a perfect place for relaxation. A WC is located close to the playground. The fact that the lakes are very close to the Samedan golf course car park is also worth a special mention.

Lägh da Cavloc / Lake Cavloccio

This cool mountain lake is a great place to hike to for a dip and can be reached from Maloja in around 1 to 1 ½ hours of hiking. A small restaurant with a terrace is located by the lake. The barbecue sites around the lake make it an ideal place for a picnic.

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