Convention and Event Centre Rondo

Convention and Event Centre Rondo

More than just meetings.

Rondo – the Convention and Event Centre at the base of the Roseg glacier!

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Bellavita Pool and Spa

Bellavita Pool and Spa

Pure alpine wellness!

A swimming paradise and wellness oasis surrounded by Engadin mountain landscapes.


Opening times

Admission fees

Pool area

Spa/wellness area


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Languard Pontresina

Languard Pontresina

Ski area, restaurant and ski scool

The family ski area of Languard in Pontresina!


Ski report
Operating times
General information

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17th Sils Hesse Days

16.06.2016 - 19.06.2016
"Upheaval and awakening, 1910-1920: Hesses time in Bern during the First World War.
16th Opera

23.06.2016 - 02.07.2016
The 16th Opera is presenting a Swiss premiere of Vincenzo Bellini "Bianca e Fernando" in the Hotel Maloja Palace.
Engadin St. Moritz Ultraks

After a successful, first premier of the Engadin St. Moritz Ultraks in Pontresina on 4 July 2015, the second Engadin St. Moritz Ultraks will take plac...
11th Engadin Cycle Marathon

The biggest marathon in the canton of Grisons, has become a classic and draws 1,500 sportsmen and women from all over Europe.
Engadin Bike Giro

01.07.2016 - 03.07.2016
The first holding of the 3 day Mountain Bike race with approximately 5500 meters of altitude, where professionals as well as hobby athletes participat...
23rd British Classic Car Meeting St. Moritz

08.07.2016 - 10.07.2016
This distinguished gathering of vintage cars from Great Britain is a celebration of high-class elegance, with the Engadin mountains as a breathtakingl...
Swiss Orienteering Week 2016

16.07.2016 - 23.07.2016
One week full of sport, fun and holiday in the mountains - holidaymakers, wanderers and beginners are welcome!
Free Open-Air at Muottas Muragl

This concert is to say a big thank-you to the people of the Engadin, our guests and friends.
Golf: 3rd International Swiss Senior Amateur Championship

26.07.2016 - 28.07.2016
Senior Amateurs compete at the international championship over 3 days.
La Tavolata St. Moritz

29.07.2016 - 31.07.2016
St. Moritz invites you to take your place at the longest table in the Alps! A wide variety of cuisine and plenty of music create the perfect atmospher...
Festival da Jazz

07.07.2016 - 07.08.2016
At this gem among Europe´s jazz festivals, stars and rising stars of the local and international jazz scene bring blue notes to the intimate setting o...
21st Summer Concours Hippique St. Moritz

05.08.2016 - 07.08.2016
Long weekend launching a celebration of world-class equestrian sports in the Engadin.