The steam-powered rotary snowplough in action at Bernina Hospitz (© RhB)The steam-powered rotary snowplough in action at Bernina Hospitz (© RhB)
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Special trips

Memories are something from the past to treasure in the present. The Rhaetian Railway opens up its treasure chest and lets its historical trains travel through Canton Graubunden. Relive the glorious past with a ride on one of these timeless technical wonders from the golden age of railways.

Alpine Classic Pullman

Elegance means aesthetic perfection, right down to the smallest detail. The Alpine Classic Pullman offers just this degree of elegance, in the enchanting art deco style of the early twentieth century. Indulge in a little luxury and a breathtaking Alpine experience at the same time.


Alpine Classic Pullman:

Trips by steam train

A snorting, smoke-spewing, black monster, an infernal machine weighing tons and depending on fire and water for its power, a piece of railway history. Step back into the wonderful age of the steam train and enjoy the train's noisy, smoky progress through the mountains of Graubünden.

Steam train:


Trips with the steam-powered rotary snowplough

The Rhaetian mountain railway is exposed by its very nature to the full force of the elements, and one spectacular experience that you must not miss is the clearing of snow from the upper reaches of the line as it crosses the Alps. The RhB possesses the world's only operational steam-powered snowplough. A trip on this unique feat of engineering from the year 1910 is really an unforgettable event. Experience firsthand mankind's struggle with the snowy elements!

Steam-powered rotary snowplough:


Trips by the light of the full moon

This is where you will finally see the light. Experience the Bernina line by the light of the full moon from an observation car of the Rhaetian Railway. Travel in a special train from Pontresina to Alp Grüm. The evening starts with an aperitif on the terrace, followed by a fondue feast in the Ristorante Alp Grüm and then the return ride by the light of the full moon through the grandiose mountain landscape.

Trips by the light of the full moon:

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