Sledging on Muottas Muragl (photo: Daniel Martinek)Sledging on Muottas Muragl (photo: Daniel Martinek)

Muottas Muragl

Overview of the mountain railways, slopes and other infrastructures

A view to fall in love with

The view has inspired many famous artists and guarantees truly sensual moments. Mountain dining at dusk or walking along the Philosophers’ Trail will ensure that the effects of this refreshing setting last even longer. Visitors can experience the magic of sitting in an igloo – a great adventure under a starry sky.

Toboggan run

Experience a 4.2-km toboggan run with 20 bends dropping 705 m from Muottas Muragl to Punt Muragl. Toboggans can be hired from the Muottas Muragl valley station. The toboggan run is open every day from 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. depending on snow conditions and visibility. It is not suitable for young children.


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Muottas Muragl mountain hotel

Treat your taste buds and your eyes at the same time! Visitors in pursuit of tranquillity invariably end up at the Muottas Muragl mountain restaurant in the evening hours. Here, you find yourself 2456 m closer to the starry winter sky and surrounded by a magnificent panorama, which, in daylight, spans from the Piz Palü in the south-east to the Piz Ot in the west, and across the entire Upper Engadin lake plateau. Visitors can enhance this feast for the eyes with a meal in the cosy mountain restaurant or in the privacy of the Villa Lyss, which is just a few steps away and perfect for groups, club meetings and weddings. 

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Snowshoe hiking trail

Ideal for beginners who want to try hiking in deep snow. The new trail is well marked so that less experienced snowshoe hikers can also enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. The Philosophers' Trail leads to the marked fork of the trail. Following the ridge of the Val Champagna, the trail reaches its halfway point at Plaun dals Müls. From there, the trail leads back to the mountain hotel, providing stunning views over the Val Muragl, the Bernina Range and the lake plateau. The 3.5 km round trip takes about 3 hours.

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Philosophers' trail on Muottas Muragl

The varied walk along this winter hiking trail, which is maintained on a daily basis, leads to the frozen waters of the small lake, Lej Muragls, up to an altitude of  2800 m (9186 ft) a.s.l. The route features ten signs bearing words of wisdom by well-known philosophers, offering hikers the opportunity to restore the balance between body and mind.

The return route to the snow-covered Muragl Valley, covering a distance of some 7 km (4.3 miles), takes around an hour each way. This varies depending on how long you linger with Socrates and Sartre, and the extent to which you allow your thoughts to dwell on the far-reaching panorama of the Upper Engadin.

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