The mountains are an integral component for tourism in Pontresina (photo: C. Sonderegger)The mountains are an integral component for tourism in Pontresina (photo: C. Sonderegger)

Tourist Board

An organisation such as the tourist board aims to promote tourism in Pontresina. It offers natural and legal persons, as well as interested institutions and organisations, a platform for the support and development of this business sector, which is so important for our village. Making a living from tourism means promoting tourism purposefully. The tourism industry has a close-knit relationship with service providers and stakeholder committees. 

The operational on-site tourism activities were integrated into the tourism department of the municipality through the creation of the tourism organisation Engadin St. Moritz. You might think that the tourist board is now superfluous. On the contrary, the relationships referred to need to be maintained and encouraged by a neutral body, in the sense of a separation of powers. There is, therefore, the need for an independent stakeholder organisation that performs lobbying duties and in so doing, also has an influence on the strategic direction of tourism development.

The term "tourist board" is not essential; the crucial factor is this organisation’s corporate culture. The ‘new tourist board’ also offers its members the opportunity to exchange ideas in a social atmosphere. Thanks to various member categories with equal rights, it will in future be available to all interested parties. If you, too, are interested in becoming a member, please contact:

Executive committee
Chairman Richard Plattner
Vice-chairman Lüzza Campell
Other executive members Marc Eichenberger
  Luis Maissen
  Alexander Pampel
Tourismusverein Pontresina
c/o Pontresina Tourismus
Via Maistra 133 
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel. +41 81 838 83 20
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