The tower of San Niculò Reformed ChurchThe tower of San Niculò Reformed Church

Reformed Church

San Niculò Reformed Church

This church is located in Via Maistra in the part of the village called Laret, and today it is where the Reformed Church congregation holds regular services. It was constructed in its present form in 1640, but it must date back to pre-Reformation times due to its name "San Niculò".

During the village fire in Laret in 1720, the building was partially destroyed by the flames. Unfortunately, many municipal documents were also lost in the fire. The church building and the steeple resemble the church in Celerina. Since its restoration after the fire, the octagonal top of the steeple has looked like an onion-shaped hood. Old engravings reveal that the steeple used to be located right in Via Maistra. It is not clear why the steeple was moved in 1887.

Church services:

Evangelisches Pfarramt
Via Cruscheda 1 
7504 Pontresina
Tel. +41 81 842 64 28
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