There are lots of things to explore in the new National Park Centre.There are lots of things to explore in the new National Park Centre.

National Park

Swiss National Park

The nearby Swiss National Park with a total area of 172 km² is the largest nature reserve and the only national park in Switzerland. It is also the oldest one in Central Europe. 

National Park Centre in Zernez
National Park Centre in Zernez

The national park is well known for its abundance of Alpine flora and fauna in a virtually untouched natural landscape. It is a member of the exclusive group of "strict nature reserves". Nature is allowed to fully develop in this habitat. Human beings are active in the background and bear testament to the dynamic processes which give this landscape its unique character.

The new National Park Centre in Zernez is made up of three buildings with different functions:

  • The headquarters of the Swiss National Park is situated in the time-honoured Planta-Wildenberg Castle.
  • The prominent, monolithic new building designed by Graubünden architect Valerio Olgiati houses the visitor centre, which features a permanent exhibition, a temporary exhibition, an ecological platform of five partner organisations, the information centre, a shop and the Zernez Tourist Information Centre.
  • The auditorium with 150 seats is located in the former castle stable.

Schweizer Nationalparkzentrum
7530 Zernez
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