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Medical massages

Qualified professional staff will pamper you with a wide choice of delightful massages. Treat your body and mind to a well-deserved break.

Classical massage

Relieves tension and pain, activates circulation and harmonizes the body.


Targeted pressure on the various reflex points mobilizes the body‘s own healing forces. For therapeutical purposes, but also ideal for health maintenance at any age.

Manual lymph drainage

Manual drainage supports the backflow of lymph (tissue fluid) to counteract congestion and swelling.

Medical massage

Various types of massaging techniques to soothe or heal, for example by direct application on the musculoskeletal system, or indirectly on the inner organs via reflexology.

Hot stone massage*

Combining the relaxing forms of massage and energizing treatments with the delightful effect of hot stones.

Thorn therapy*

This gentle treatment can relieve back and joint pains.

Breuss massage*

Delicate, manual back massage. Extremely relaxing, also supports the thorn treatment.

Chair massage*

Dynamic, intense but pleasing massage movements taken from the various massaging techniques, applied through light clothing in a special massage chair.

* These offers are not available daily.

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