Roseg natural ice rink in the part of the village known as MuraglRoseg natural ice rink in the part of the village known as Muragl

Ice rink

Where ice rinks are still made of natural ice

Only a small number of natural ice rinks are still in existence in the Engadin. Most towns have converted to artificial ice as the result of the reduced length of the ice season. The Roseg natural ice rink is maintained from approximately the middle of December until the end of February. The exact operating times are delayed or extended, depending on the temperatures at the beginning and end of the season. The surface of the ice is sprayed manually every morning and evening to ensure the best possible venue for ice skaters, curling, ice stock and hockey players.

Curling tournament on the ice rink.
Curling tournament on the ice rink.

Pontresina's ice rink with its spectacular views of the Roseg Valley and sunny location is considered one of the most beautiful rinks in the Engadin.


The Sports Pavilion Restaurant is the ideal place to treat yourself to some well-deserved refreshment after a day of exerting sporting activity or a prolonged sunbathing session on the terrace.


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