Sledging on Muottas Muragl (photo: Daniel Martinek)Sledging on Muottas Muragl (photo: Daniel Martinek)


Twisty sledging run and fast rides in the snow

Descending 705 m, over 4.2 km, you will enjoy more than 20 twists and turns on this exhilarating sledge ride from Muottas Muragl to Punt Muragl. Sledges are for hire at the Muottas Muragl base station. The sledge run is open daily from 9.30 a.m. to 4 p.m., depending on snow and visibility conditions. Not suitable for small children.

Tobogganists at the toboggan run Muottas Muragl (photo: Andrea Badrutt)
Tobogganists at the toboggan run Muottas Muragl (photo: Andrea Badrutt)


Talstation Muottas Muragl-Bahn
7503 Samedan
Tel. +41 81 842 83 08

Languard sledging slope

Guests will find an approx. 250-m-long sledge run for children in the Pontresina village centre near the Languard ski lift. Parking is available in the nearby Mulin and Rondo carparks.

Languard Talstation
Via Cruscheda 21 
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel. +41 81 842 62 55

Preda-Bergün sledging run

The longest floodlit sledging run in Europe leads from Preda to Bergün. It covers six kilometres. Thanks to a permanent snow-making machine, the run can be kept in operation throughout the winter. Some 2000 sledges for hire are available at the Preda summit station, and they can be handed in again at the end of the trip in Bergün.

The approach from Pontresina by train to Preda is quite an experience in itself. The exhilarating trip on the snow-covered pass down to Bergün is sheer delight.

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