Snowkiter in action (photo: Tobias Eberle)Snowkiter in action (photo: Tobias Eberle)
Snowkiting area below the Bernina Pass (photo: Tobias Eberle)Snowkiting area below the Bernina Pass (photo: Tobias Eberle)


Engadin – the hottest spot for snowkiters

The dance of colourful canopies over the Silvaplaner Lake is fascinating to watch. This trendy sport is called kiting. In summer on the water with the kiteboard, in winter on snow-covered layers of ice with a snowboard or skis. You speed along pulled by a steerable kite over waves or snowfields.

Long known in the kiting scene as an insider’s tip, the area below Lago Bianco is now really one of the top spots for snowkiting. The ideal flat areas below the Bernina Pass offer kiters the best wind and snow conditions in a unique location. For those who find gliding across the smooth level surfaces too monotonous, it is easy enough to be pulled up the adjacent mountain. A spectacular flight down is guaranteed.

Some snowkiters like to get warmed up in the nearby Albergo Ospizio Bernina and fortify themselves for the next ride with a plate of polenta or ‘pizzoccheri alla Valtellinese’. Those who want to find out about the conditions on the Bernina Pass from a different location can check the webcam or the local weather forecasts of the Bernina Hospice.

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