Ice Skating & Black Ice
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Ice skating in Pontresina, the Engadine

Completely transparent and smooth as glass. From above it gleams jet-black. It gurgles, hums and plonks. Black ice – a rare natural phenomenon. Usually in early winter, frost and precipitation result in the frozen lakes of Pontresina being buried under a thick white blanket. If freezing temperatures persist and there is no new snowfall, the legendary black ice forms. Anyone who has experienced this once is happy to leave their skis or snowboard in the basement on such days and make the most of this spectacular feat of nature, with guests and locals alike skating happily atop the frozen lakes. Tips: St. Moritz, Lej da Staz, Lej Nair, Lej Marsch, Lej da Champfèr or the lakes on the Bernina Pass. Access the lakes at your own risk. Please observe the behaviour tips.

Ice Rink Reports

Black ice is fascinating and scary at the same time.

Ice rink and evening skating in Pontresina

Do you love making pirouettes right in the village? If so, the sunny Roseg ice rink is the right place for you. In addition to a perfectly groomed natural ice field, you can expect wonderful views of the Roseg valley and the surrounding mountains. This makes the ice rink in Pontresina one of the most beautiful in the Engadine. Those who are hungry and thirsty after sporting activity can treat themselves to something during the day on the sun terrace of the sports pavilion or in the evening in the Giardin restaurant.
And best of all: If you don't have your own skates, you can rent them free of charge on site.


Insider tip: Black ice on the Bernina Pass

The Lej Nair below the dam wall of Lake Bianco is renowned for the excellent quality of its ice. If the conditions are right, visitors enter a dreamscape that could well be in Spitzbergen in Norway. Black ice is indeed fascinating: snowflakes can be seen embedded in the clear ice, preserved like an insect in amber. Finest crystals look like algae, frozen in movement. Harmoniously layered like an Egyptian pyramid or fragmented like a window after a blow with a hammer. It seems like the gateway to a crystal palace. And sometimes one even sees fish staring up at the amazed visitors from under this transparent ice.

Opening hours ice rink Roseg

Daily opening hours
The ice rink ist closed until Friday, 26th January 2024.

In case of bad weather or unfavorable conditions the ice rink remains closed

Free use of the ice rink and free skate rental on site