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Other activities and excursions in the Engadine

Bernina Glaciers

The Bernina region between Morteratsch and Cavaglia has always impressed its visitors with its stunning beauty. The focus is on the eternal ice with a unique view of the Bernina Range from the Diavolezza mountain station, the easy access to the Morteratsch Glacier over the theme trail, or the fascinating Moulins in Cavaglia. These highlights are interconnected and easily accessible with the spectacular, Bernina line of the Rhaetian Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage.

Carriage rides

A carriage ride to Stazerwald or into the Roseg Valley is an experience not only for romantics. Nestled in blankets and furs, you enjoy the beautiful landscape. Relax. The meeting point is at Pontresina Station – or order your carriage directly to your hotel.


Adrenaline levels climb as the pilot calmly prepares everything for takeoff. A little later, the glider is floating effortlessly, high above the Engadine lakes. A healthy physical condition is the requirement for a tandem flight. The launching sites are weather- and season-dependent, varying between Muottas Muragl, Alp Languard, Corvatsch, or a takeoff site in the adjacent valleys.

Winter riding

The Wohlwend family loves to share their passion for riding with like-minded people. Therefore, children and adults find true equestrian paradise in Pontresina, just a few minutes' drive from St. Moritz - and the right animals to experience the winter wonderland: horses, ponies, and donkeys. While the little ones from three years to get used to horseback riding on walks with a pony, adult riders can improve their skills under the Wohlwends’ guidance.

Sunbathing on Crest'Ota

Above Pontresina, on the way to the lower Schafberg, lies the sunny plateau Crast'Ota. Back in the day, when patients suffering from lung disease were sent to Pontresina for its stimulating climate, the sun terrace was the ideal place to relax and regain strength. Even today, guests and locals enjoy the sunny winter days on the sun terrace of the Crast'Ota with panoramic views of Roseg valley and the surrounding mountain peaks. And the best: sun loungers and fleece blankets are provided by the municipality of Pontresina for free.