Bernina–Poschiavo (La Rösa)

34,30 km
3:44 hrs.
640 m
1.434 m
TOP Moderate
Best season
Lowest point
1.009 m
Highest point
2.327 m
Source : Graubünden Ferien

A trail tour from Pontresina to the Mediterranean Valposchiavo - with numerous scenic highlights on either side of the trail. Taking a break every now and then is therefore totally worth it.

From Pontresina, follow the single trail north of the mountain pass road up to the Montebello bend and then take the marked mountain bike trail via Bernina Suot to the Bernina Pass. At the top of the pass a trail leads off to the right that joins the mountain pass road further down. After a few meters follow a meadow path upwards, which then becomes a first-class single trail that finally leads to La Rösa. The route then heads directly to Sfazù, first along the road, then a short climb on a gravel road, and then the world-class historic route to San Carlo begins. After Poschiavo there’s only a short distance to go. You head back to the Bernina Pass by Rhaetian Railway, from where you can comfortable ascend to Pontresina.


Incidentally, you will pass by the Cascata da Bernina (mountain stream) on this bike tour, just like Danny MacAskill and Claudio Caluori did in the "Home of Trails" video.

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 RhB Pontresina - Berninapass

Postauto Poschiavo - Berninapass





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