Rominger pine path

760 m
0:30 hr
4 m
38 m
Stage Tour TOP Easy
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Surovas or car park Rusellas, Pontresina
Destination of the tour
Surovas or car park Rusellas, Pontresina
Lowest point
1.789 m
Highest point
1.826 m
  • Family friendly
  • Cultural/historical value
Source : Engadin Tourismus AG

In Pontresina, at the entrance to the Val Roseg, stretches the Taiswald. In addition to a diverse population of stone pines and larches, many local animal species also feel at home here. The Rominger Arvenweg (Swiss stone pine trail) leads right through the Tais forest, where there is much worth knowing about the stone pine and the forest.

All you need is a mobile phone, sturdy shoes and a good nose. On three different trails, visitors not only receive exciting information about flora and fauna, but can also physically recharge their energy and test their skills.

On the Explore Trail, you walk leisurely along the path and automatically receive exciting information at relevant points. At the end of the trail, you get the chance to test your knowledge in a quiz.

The Wellness Trail offers the opportunity to relax and unwind. At special points along the trail, relaxing yoga and breathing exercises are suggested as video tutorials.

Resourceful sleuths get their money's worth with an exciting scavenger hunt through the Speed Trail. If visitors find the hidden wooden animals, they can scan them with their mobile phones and check their time on the ranking list.

The Arvenweg can be easily reached from Pontresina via two entrances. One is at the Rusellas car park on Via da la Staziun and the other at the Surovas railway station.


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From Surovas railway station through the Tais forest to the Rusellas car park.
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Fully charge the mobile phone and activate the GPS function. Accept location recognition and camera function when requesting the app. Start only one trail at a time.
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