Pontresina - Val da Fain - Pontresina

29,87 km
3:50 hrs.
690 m
805 m
S1 TOP Moderate
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Pontresina, railway station
Destination of the tour
Pontresina, railway station
Lowest point
1.774 m
Highest point
2.427 m
  • Scenic
  • Loop
  • Refreshment stops available
  • Botanical highlights
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Into the flowery Val da Fain

The slightly uphill bike trail in the direction of the Bernina Pass begins at the exit of the village of Pontresina. At the waterfall (on the right-hand side of the valley) the trail crosses the road and follows the edge of the forest on the left-hand side of the valley to Morteratsch. The alpine cheese-making dairy is ideal for a stop - either for a brunch or to watch close-up how cheese is made. Fortified, we then tackle the tough climb to the back of Morteratsch. Following the Bernina stream we reach the houses of Bernina Suot and from there we turn left into the Val da Fain. It is well worth making a stop from time to time - not just for a breather, but also to enjoy the views back towards the Bernina Massif. The glacier-covered mountains of the Palü seem almost within reach. Alp Stretta is our turning point and all the efforts of the ascent are instantly forgotten as we take the descent back to Pontresina.

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Pontresina - Morteratsch - Bernina Suot - Val da Fain - Alp la Stretta - Val da Fain - Bernina Suot - Resgia - Pontresina
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In Val da Fain you can hear and see many marmots.
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