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Trail running in Pontresina in the Engadine

Running shoes with tread, a light jacket and a mini backpack are all you need to run over hill and dale at the foot of the Bernina Range. Trail running is the new running trend for mountain lovers, with more and more runners keen to leave the asphalt behind and seek a quieter experience in the countryside. You always run on soft ground: along forest tracks, over mountains, sometimes on gravel, rock and meadows. A lot of times off the beaten track – experiencing nature is key. And in and around Pontresina you will find plenty of it!

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The natural landscape of Pontresina is superb for trail running.

Running against the backdrop of the Bernina Range

Unlike for joggers on the street who tend to be constantly squinting at their stopwatches, when trail running, time and pace become secondary. This is especially beneficial for beginners because if you’re tired you can just take a walking break, and you do not even have to feel bad – even top runners do not run through difficult passages in the mountains at a constant pace. When you arrive at the summit, you do not need to head straight back down, but can relax, take in the amazing views and just enjoy being there. Speaking of top runners, they like to compete in the event Bernina Ultraks.

Vita Parcours Pontresina

If you do not feel too comfortable off-road, first try the Vitaparcours in Pontresina. The 2.6 km-long circuit offers various exercise stations for training strength, endurance and coordination. The start and finish points are at the entrance to the Val Roseg, directly behind the Rusellas parking lot.