Digital village tour of Sils

2,55 km
1:00 hrs.
11 m
11 m
Stage Tour TOP Easy
Best season
Starting point of the tour
village square of Sils Maria
Destination of the tour
Near the starting point (you have to find out yourself)
Lowest point
1.798 m
Highest point
1.809 m
  • Scenic
  • Suitable for strollers
  • In and out
  • Loop
  • Cultural/historical value
Source : Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG

We transform your smartphone into a digital, entertaining travel guide. At various locations you will experience a lot of interesting facts about Sils. The tour starts at the village square in Sils Maria.

Digital - Interactive - Educational 
Do you know where the name Val Fex comes from? You can find it out, as well as many other facts, pictures, information and interesting stories, on our interactive, digital guided tour of Sils.

Anytime - Independent - Flexible
You can decide spontaneously and individually when you would like to take the guided tour of the village during your holiday and are therefore independent of meeting times and dates. The digital guided tour of Sils can be interrupted at any time for a leisurely break and resumed at a later date.

On your marks - get set - go
The tour starts at the village square in Sils Maria. You must be on site to start the tour. Then you will be guided to the next locations with the digital map (and a few hints in the text from us). In total there are 9 locations over a walking distance of 2.6 km. Plan a good hour for the complete tour.

Start: or QR code on site (showcase)


More information
Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG
Via Maistra 1
CH-7500 St. Moritz
Phone: +41 81 830 00 01 

We start at the village square of Sils Maria and walk to Sils Baselgia and back. This is about 2.6 km walking distance and takes about one hour.
The smartphone or tablet must have an internet connection. The GPS location function of the smartphone must be activated so that the locations of the posts can be found. More info on this in the menu under "Help".

You will be using your smartphone intensively, half a battery is recommended.

Tip of the author
Headphones simplify listening to individual audio outputs. But it is not a must.
Safety information
Don't walk around with your eyes on your smartphone.
Public Transit
Start is 5min walk from the bus stop Sils/Segl Maria, Posta
Parking Sils/Val Fex
Getting There
Engadin/St. Moritz -> Sils
Additional Information
Start of the tour:
Map and arrival