Diavolezza Challenge

4,76 km
2:15 hrs.
890 m
2 m
TOP Difficult
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Diavolezza valley station
Destination of the tour
Diavolezza top station
Lowest point
2.084 m
Highest point
2.974 m
  • Scenic
  • Refreshment stops available
Source : Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG

The ski touring route for your training.

This permanent route for ski tourers takes them from the Diavolezza valley station beside or off the piste right up to the top station, covering a vertical distance of about 890 metres. This ground-breaking project provides a safe and clearly marked way for ski tourers to train. These athletic visitors can hand in their bags at the valley station. When they reach their destination at the top of Diavolezza, their bags will be waiting for them at the ticket office at the Diavolezza top station.

The "Diavolezza Challenge" ski touring route can only be used with a valid ticket (valid ski pass or Diavolezza Challenge ticket).

Diavolezza valley station - Diavolezza top station
  • Safety equipment: Avalanche transceiver (LVS), shovel and probe. A helmet is recommended.
  • Clothing: Wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
  • Food and drink: Take sufficient breaks and drink plenty of liquids (not alcoholic drinks). You are recommended to have a light snack during your ascent.
Tip of the author
Enjoy a well-deserved break on the viewing platform or on the sun terrace of the Berghaus.
Safety information
  • The „Diavolezza Challenge“ is a route that is suitable, and intended, for ascending with touring skis or splitboards. It is marked (with yellow marker posts) and made safe from alpine hazards, but is neither prepared nor monitored. No final check is carried out in the evening!
  • Please observe warnings and route closures.
  • Do not leave the marked route (yellow marker posts).
  • The 10 FIS rules also apply to ski tourers.
  • All ascents and descents are made at your own risk and you must take responsibility for your actions.
  • You are not permitted to descend via the ascent route.
  • No snowshoe trekking allowed.
  • Find out the current status of the „Diavolezza Challenge“ route, the pistes and the ski lifts from the panoramic map at the entrance to the cable-car valley station.
  • The „Diavolezza Challenge“ ski touring route is only available during the lift operating hours.
  • Outside lift operating hours, the „Diavolezza Challenge“ ski touring route and the ski runs on the pistes are closed and not secured from hazards such as avalanche blasting and piste machines with cable winches and grooming equipment. Danger!
  • Please observe route closures due to avalanche blasting or the risk of avalanches.
  • Find out about the current avalanche situation at www.slf.ch or the ticket office at the Diavolezza valley station.
  • It is essential to follow the instructions of the SOS Piste and Rescue Service. 
Additional Information
The "Diavolezza Challenge" ski tour route is only open during the railway operating hours. www.diavolezza.ch, www.slf.ch

Luggage transport is included in the price. Luggage drop-off at the Diavolezza valley station, luggage depot at the Diavolezza mountain station.

Map and arrival