Rig up and get going

Snowkiting spot at the Bernina Pass in the Engadine

Snowkiting on the Bernina Pass near Pontresina is considered an insiders’ favourite among all the kite spots in the Engadine. The surfaces at the Lago Bianco and Lago Nero are versatile and windy. The Bernina Pass truly caters to every level of snowkiter, with areas for racers, beginners and freestylers – and to top it all off there is a wide range of backcountry opportunities and some of the longest and most demanding snowkite tours in Switzerland. If gliding on the snow-covered ice is too boring for you, simply head up on one the adjacent mountains – exhilarating flight guaranteed!

The best time for snowkiting is from December to January when the powder snow prevails

Snowkiting throughout the winter

The Bernina Pass is a typical north-south connection. Ideal wind conditions for snowkiting are north, northeast. The northern foehn provides for a bright blue sky while the southern foehn ensures a lot of snow. Whatever the conditions, the pass road is open all winter, which means that  kiters can easily reach the spot by car or Rhaetian Railway, rig up their kites and get going. Those looking for a more exclusive experience on the Bernina should try out the spot on the east side. There you are likely to kite almost all alone. 

Ospizio Bernina for a quick lunch in between

In nearby Albergo Ospizio Bernina, snowkiters warm up and are served a plate of Polenta Pizzoccheri alla Valtellines to fuel up for the next ride. Those wishing to explore the conditions on the Bernina Pass from afar can do so on the webcam or by checking out the local weather forecasts from the Bernina Hospice.


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