Snowshoe tours in Pontresina, the Engadine

With snowshoes under your feet through snowy forests to idyllic viewpoints and around the frozen lakes - Pontresina offers many snowshoe trails off the beaten track. Guided tours can be booked on site at the tourist information. Choose between a two-hour beginner’s tour, short - or day tours. Tip: A snowshoe hike by moonlight.
Interactive Snowshoe Map

Pontresina offers many snowshoe trails off the beaten track.

Alp Bondo snowshoe trail Bernina Suot – Alp Bondo

Enjoy a snowshoe trail through UNESCO World Heritage territory along the Rhaetian Railway line, affording breathtaking views of the mountains. Take the train to Bernina Suot to get started conveniently, advancing between the railway line and the forest, past the Diavolezza lower station and on towards Alp Bondo. After a short rise in southeastern direction you will walk to Talboden, following you'll stride a loop to get back to the starting point.

Roundtour: Railway station Surovas. Length: 6.8 km. Duration: 2 ½ hrs. Difference in altitude:  237m. Train ride: Morterasch – Bernina Suot approx. 10min.


Morteratsch snowshoe trail Morteratsch station roundtour

Experience a different approach to the foreland of Morteratsch Glacier, off any beaten track. This snowshoe trail begins on the left-hand side past the Morteratsch level crossing, ascending through forest towards the berninarange. Just infront of the glacier tongue you will be rewarded with the imposing view to the Piz Bernina. The way leads along the same trail.

Roundtour from: Railway station Morteratsch. Length: 5.74 km. Duration: 2 hrs. Difference in altitude:  125 m.


Plauns snowshoe trail Pontresina Resgia – Morteratsch car park

Set off conveniently from the Resgia car park on the opposite side of the road behind the public-works building, and advance towards the Bernina Pass through a blend of forest and open plateau along God dals Plauns. At the Morteratsch campsite, you will have to take off your snowshoes to cross the main road beyond which to carry straight on to the Morteratsch car park or railwaystation. This tour can be started from both sides.


Start: Pontresina Resgia. Finish: Morteratsch car park. Length: 4.8 km. Duration: 1 ½ hrs. Difference in altitude:  112 m. Train ride: Morterasch – Pontresina Surovas approx. 10min.



Snowshoe trail Pontresina – Celerina

The snowshoe trail "Pontresina - Celerina" may be used one-way or for roundtrips. At the entry points, watch out for the arrows and let yourself be guided through the silence of nature, hiking in the magic of snow-covered Staz forest and across moorland glades under a heavy snow cover.

Start: Langlaufzentrum Pontresina. Finish: San Gian Church in Celerina. Length: Pontresina – Celerina - Pontresina 6 - 7km.

Hiking report, hiking tips and guided tours

All information, hiking tips, and the current trail report available at: Unguided snowshoe hikes are at your own risk. Snowshoe hikers are kindly requested to respect the wildlife protection zones and adjust their behaviour. Following shops and schools are offering guided tours:

Bergsteigerschule Pontresina
Via Maistra 163
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel. +41 81 842 82 82

Fähndrich Sport
Via Maistra 169
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel. +41 81 842 71 55

Schweizer Langlauf- und Bikezentrum Pontresina
Langlaufzentrum Cuntschett 1
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel. +41 81 544 05 50