La Plaiv

La Plaiv
Starting point:
La Punt, Inn bridge
Points along the route:
La Punt - Center Sur En - God Averts - Islas S-chanf - Flin - Chapella - Cinuos-chel station
From the bridge over the Inn river in La Punt the trail follows the river towards Madulain, among grand Engadine and patrician houses. Following the golf course you eventually reach the Zuoz cross-country skiing centre. Stop along the way to take in the view of Piz Kesch before taking a proper break at the Restaurant Sur En. Then, duly fortified, continue on the trail to the right towards the forest in the direction of S-chanf. At the «pony lift» continue towards Flin. On the left the steep trail takes you down across the Inn bridge past the military area to Chapella, a small hamlet outside S-chanf. After the bridge at the village entrance you reach the endpoint of the hike at the Cinuos-chel railway station.
Time required 3 hours Length of Tour 11.4 Km Ascent 97 m Descent 156 m Max height 1735 m.a.s.l. Difficulty
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