Lido in the mountains

Lake Staz – the most famous lake in the Engadine.

The Engadine is known for its lakes. Above all, the Big Four: Lake Sils, Silvaplana, Champfèr and St. Moritz. But if you want to go for a swim, these may not be the right choice, because these deep lakes barely reach temperatures of more than 17°C in the summer. Fortunately there are alternatives: small hill moor lakes. These are relatively shallow, and the dark water means that the sun heats them well. So, despite the altitude of 1,800 metres, in the summer these moor lakes reach a pleasant 20°C or more. The most famous is the Lej da Staz or Lake Staz.

There are plenty of scenic lakes scattered around Pontresina

A bathing classic

Lake Staz, the classic among the Upper Engadine lakes, lies nestled between St. Moritz and Pontresina in the middle of a wide, open clearing in the vast forest of Staz. Even with all the moor and reeds, there is plenty of room to spread out a towel, read a book or even grill a few sausages. Two wide jetties and a beach make for easy access. In midsummer you will likely not be alone here: a children's playground, the Hotel Restorant Lej da Staz uand simply the beauty of the lake attract many visitors. Other popular lakes are Lej Marsch and Lej Nair in St. Moritz.

Lej Marsch and Lej Nair in St. Moritz 

Thanks to its sunny and sheltered location near the forest of St. Moritz, a small beach on the north shore and picnic areas, Lej Marsch attracts many visitors on warm summer days. It is also easily accessible by car. On weekends, the parking at the Olympiaschanze fills up quickly. Situated a little above the Lej Marsch, the Lej Nair reflects the massif of Piz Corvatsch. Since the Lej Nair can only be reached on foot, it is less visited than Laj da Staz or Lej Marsch.

Engadin's bathing lakes