Offers and courses

Morning Swimmer Offer

Every Wednesday, the Bellavita opens as early as 6:00 for morning swimmers aged 16 and over. From 9:00 the children's pool opens, and from 10:00 the outdoor area as well as the slide are accessible.

Swimming courses

A variety of swimming courses are available for all ages and skill levels. For information and registration, please contact the instructors:

Free admission on your birthday

On your birthday, admission to the Bellavita is free. Simply present your ID to the cashier. The offer applies to children and adults alike. Happy Birthday!

Lifesaving courses

Courses are offered by the Schweizerische Lebensrettergesellschaft Engadin St. Moritz.

Aqua-Fit Courses

Courses are provided by external aqua-fit instructors. The instructors listed hereafter will be happy to provide you with information and to receive your course registration.

  • Dani Müller
    Tel. +41 79 344 06 28
    Tuesday: 20:00 (Men and women) Wednesday: 19.30 (Men and women)
  • Annemarie Perl
    Tel. +41 81 842 72 47
    Friday: 9:00 (

Swimming for the young at heart (50+)

Every Monday from 9:00 to 10:00 there is a swimming training session for seniors under the supervision of Andrea Mutschler, Brigitta Enz, and Joe Rinderer. It is very varied: short warm-up exercises, some free swimming, swimming technique and aqua-fit with tools like swimming belt, pool noodle or swimming board. After the training, the participants meet for a drink at the pool bistro. The cost for the swimming training is CHF 5.- (admission to the Bellavita not included). The following communities support both the 10-ticket subscription and the annual subscription: Pontresina, Celerina, and Bever. Registration is not required, swimming skills required.

Training groups

Groups must register in advance (by phone or email)