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Fishing around Pontresina in the Engadine

If for you the word “fishing” conjures up images of grouchy grandfathers sitting around miserably waiting for a bite, then think again! Fishing is now all the rage. The tranquillity of the waters, the intense contact with nature, and the sporting challenge are attracting an ever increasing number of both men and women to the sport. Fishing itself and the necessary equipment have not, on the other hand, undergone any transformation – rods, bait and fish are still the staples of a fishing experience, then and now. No modern navigation technology has been invented (yet), to show fishermen where to cast their rods for a guaranteed result.

From boring to cool: back in the day versus today – Fishermen in the Engadine

Diverse Engadine waters

The appeal of fishing is probably having a good time either on your own or with friends and experiencing nature in all its intensity. There is plenty of that around Pontresina because the Engadine’s height above sea level ensures paradisiacal conditions in ponding and running waters. The warmer small lakes and ponds are especially popular playgrounds for trout – and fishermen.

Fly fishing in mountain lakes

The Engadine is home to rich fishing waters and is one of Europe’s most beautiful fishing regions. Even during a longer stay, a fisherman never has to fish in the same lake twice. A 15-day fishing license will enable you to go fishing in all the Grisons’ 460 bodies of water. Among the highlights are fly fishing in the mountain lakes Lej Nair in Pontresina or Lej Pitschen below the Lago Bianco on the Bernina Pass. The season lasts from early June to mid-October. For more information about fishing in the Upper Engadine visit the cantonal office for hunting and fishing Grisons.

Guide and fishing-boat on Lej Nair

Get tips and tricks on fly fishing from Werner Locher, a fly-fishing guide based in Pontresina. For appointments, call Werner Locher at +41 81 842 71 09 (landline) or +41 79 461 80 34 (mobile). Fee: CHF 25 per hour incl. transport and any equipment you may need. Furthermore, fly fishermen may choose to indulge in their pastime on a fishing-boat on Lej Nair. Please note: the boat may be used in Werner Locher's presence only.

FISHING LICENCES & FEES for the lakes "Lej Nair" and "Lej Pitschen"

Visitors who pay tourist tax in Pontresina: free of charge
External visitors, per week: CHF 30.-

Pontresina Tourist Information
T +41 838 83 00

Locals and employees from Pontresina
Per fishing season:
With cantonal license: CHF 30.-
Without cantonal license: CHF 60.-

Employees (Upper Engadine, Bergell, and Puschlav)
Per fishing season:
With cantonal license: CHF 60.-
Without cantonal license: CHF 120.-