11th Swiss Mountain Film Festival

Rondo, Via Maistra 133:
Mon, 15.08.2022 | 9.00 pm
Tue, 16.08.2022 | 9.00 pm
Wed, 17.08.2022 | 9.00 pm
Thu, 18.08.2022 | 9.00 pm
Fri, 19.08.2022 | 9.00 pm
Sat, 20.08.2022 | 9.00 pm

The festival shows outdoor and adventure films on the big screen. As every year, the programme is a mixture of adrenaline-pumping short films, emotional mountain sports portraits and experiences on the world´s most breathtaking mountain ranges.

For the 11th time, the International Cinema Festival Association, in collaboration with Pontresina Tourism, is staging the "Swiss Mountain Film Festival" The Italian-Swiss project was born in the awareness that the Swiss mountains represent one of the largest and richest environmental spaces in the world, a wonderful natural habitat and an economically, culturally and touristically fertile area. The more than 150 film entries come from directors from over 40 countries and show fascinating images of a wide variety of mountains with their landscapes, populations, cultures and traditions.

Tickets are available at the box office.

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