Via Maistra :
Thu, 27.06.2024 | 5.00 pm
Thu, 11.07.2024 | 5.00 pm
Thu, 25.07.2024 | 5.00 pm
Thu, 08.08.2024 | 5.00 pm
Thu, 22.08.2024 | 5.00 pm

The Laret Market is a delight for locals and visitors alike. The atmosphere, the friendly gathering and the broad entertainment program attract many market-goers.

Among the goods offered on the market are Engadine specialties ? to be purchased as a gift or to enjoy yourself: sparkling jewelry, hand-painted toys, raclette bread with pickled onions, grilled sausage with mustard, Gypsy style kebab with bread, or sweet temptations such as homemade cakes, waffles, Magenbrot, and many other delicacies. Concerts of various musical genres take place at various locations.

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