Internationale St. Moritzer Automobilwoche

Fri, 08.09.2023 - Sun, 17.09.2023 | Different locations around St. Moritz

The Bernina Race, which was greatly expanded and extended last year, is a continuation of the historic "St. Moritz Automobile Week", which was held in 1929 and 1930 on the initiative of a number of Engadine tourism pioneers.

The top-class event, which will delight every motorsport fan, is now called "International St. Moritz Automobile Week". The programme includes a sprint race (Kilomètre Lancé - Alpine 1000), a beauty contest (Motorsport Rendezvous), the two rallies "Targa Poschiavo-Engiadina" and "Super Stick Shift", the "Mobility Forum St. Moritz", a Sotheby´s auction and other attractions. The Automobile Week will be crowned by the tenth edition of the "Bernina Gran Turismo" mountain race.

Further information about the top-class programme with many surprises will be published on the organiser´s website.

Internationale St. Moritzer Automobilwochen AG
Via Maistra 7
CH-7500 St. Moritz
+49 171 526 10 50