100 free forest concerts

Camerata – Salon music in Pontresina

They still exist. Things that were believed to be long since extinct. Pencil sharpeners, phone books, or even the legendary spa concerts of Camerata Pontresina. The latter premiered in 1910 instead and have been the main attraction of Pontresina summer program ever since. Fast forward one century: in summer – weather permitting - salon music still rings out every day at 11:00 in Taiswald. When you sit down on a bench there, you embark on a journey back to the heyday of the Belle Époque. Close your eyes and just enjoy.

In summer, the orchestra performs daily.

Time travel back into the Belle Époque

Suddenly you see men with elegant walking sticks and ladies with big hats sauntering over from Pontresina Grand hotels. Over here, they dare to go alone - without a mountain guide – because the daily salon concert is something that can’t be missed. And for good reason: after all, the musicians playing here are from Milan’s La Scala. And all this in the crisp mountain air – in a far more relaxed atmosphere than in the sweltering heat of the city.

Music classics in the heart of Taiswald

When you open your eyes again, you will see a slightly different, but no less charming image. These days, the walking sticks often come in pairs and are made of carbon. And something else is different, too: the wide--brimmed hats have given way to baseball hats, and the young ladies show a lot of leg in short shorts. Up front on a small stage, musicians are celebrating classics of salon music. But what exactly is this salon music that sounds through the forest every summer? Back in the days long before CDs and smartphones, composers wanted to present their works in the bourgeois salons and hotels. Therefore, they wrote interpretations for smaller ensembles. Connoisseurs love it – even today. Because sometimes it creates an even more beautiful acoustic pattern than the original. The audience in Taiswald agrees – hopefully for the next hundred years to come.

Evening performances of the orchestra

Fans of classical music can, as a supplement to the magical morning concerts, end the day on four evenings with a vesper concert in the Taiswald or the Sta. Maria Church. The exclusive performances will take place on the following Tuesdays at 5.30 pm: 19 July, 26 July, 2 Aug, 9 August. Detailed information can be found in the flyer

Young People's concerts

There are two concerts this summer especially for young audiences and those young at heart. On the mornings of 20 July and 3 August, well-known pieces from cinema blockbusters such as Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean will resound through the Taiswald alongside classical musical treats.

Camerata Pontresina free morning concerts

Weather permitting, Camerata Pontresina plays 100 free morning concerts in Taiswald.

Concert times
Daily from June 18th to September 24th 2023
11 – 12 am

Is not requieret in advance. Visitors are requested to register at the location.

In adverse weather, the concerts take place in the Conference & Culture Centre Pontresina or in the Reformed Church.
Please note the information boards in the village.