The custom of the cavaliers

Schlitteda in Pontresina

Tradition and customs are still lived and celebrated in Pontresina. A big highlight for the young locals is the "Schlitteda". Every second Sunday in January, the boys invite their girls and pick them up at home. The cavalier then drives his companion through Pontresina and Val Roseg on a festively decorated horse-drawn sleigh. 

Tradition & customs like
in days of yore

The day of the Cavaliers

In former times the Schlitteda was exclusively a festival for the single. Today it has changed into a town festival, where single and married people enjoy themselves equally. By the way: The origin of this custom goes back to earlier times, when sleigh and horse were the only means of transport in winter. If a wedding or a funeral took place, one would travel to the respective events by horse and sleigh.

As with the Chalandamarz, the young men at the "Schlitteda" really go to town and show themselves from their best side - after all, they want to leave a lasting impression on their companions. The horse-drawn sleighs, festively decorated, in combination with the traditional costumes of the young ladies remind us of a long forgotten time.