Promenade pop-up: lingering on the Plazza Bellavita

The Plazza Bellavita in Pontresina has recently been transformed into a new pop-up area. A central platform on the longest Engadine village promenade that invites all generations to take a break and meet. The striking larch construction, complete with high-quality seating made of Swiss stone pine, is the ideal complement for an all-round relaxed strolling experience. A summer meeting place without the obligation to consume and with an unobstructed view of the Engadine mountains.

In keeping with Pontresina's Viva-la-Via philosophy, connoisseurs and explorers alike are invited to take time out on the Plazza Bellavita from July to October.The temporary and modular platform will be staged as a promenade stage during various summer happenings. As the "youngest pavilion in Pontresina", the wooden construction is also a tribute to the long history of tourism. Shade is provided on the sun-drenched pop-up by the slatted roofing inspired by pergolas.

Context Overall Transport Concept 2024+

Mobility is a social megatrend and the municipality of Pontresina is currently working on a new overall traffic concept 2024+ for its settlement area. An important focus here is also the critical examination of public spaces. Giving people back meeting and open spaces in the existing settlement area strengthens the attractiveness of places. There are countless model projects in Switzerland and around the world that enhance squares and car parks with temporary or permanent installations. By means of creative forms and colours that are close to nature, they promote pauses for reflection, for example, as well as new acquaintances and conversations in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With the pop-up, Pontresina is bringing this refinement approach (Pontresina's brand strategy) to the heart of the village centre as a thought-provoking impulse: the pop-up Plazza Bellavita is intended to slow down the local promenade and provide food for discussion.