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Guido Baselgia Essenzas

"In the blur of the world - recognizing reality", Guido Baselgia, 2022


For the "Essenzas" exhibition, Guido Baselgia has selected works from three groups of works that could not be more different and that reveal the essence of his work: On the one hand, there are mostly large-format images from the Amazon region, which, with the overarching title "As if the world were too measured", testify to the photographer's respect and appreciation of nature. He also selected the twenty-part series "Around the Sun" from 2020 from the "Light Fall" group of works, which captures the rising and setting sun in very different places around the world. Finally, he shows images captured on Piz Languard from "Lichtstoff und Luftfarben", the latest cycle of works taken with the specially constructed Obscura camera. These are his first color pictures, taken before the sun rises and after it sets, and represent the artist's consistent step in dealing with the possibilities of photography. "In the blurriness of the world - recognizing reality" is the photographer's formulation.

The exhibition "Essenzas" is a meaningful addition to the exhibition "Splendur e sumbriva - Licht und Schatten des Engadins", which for the first time encompasses numerous cultural venues in the valley. In this context, the Museum Alpin Pontresina is showing the solo exhibition «Guido Baslegia – im Auge des Lichts».


Picture reference

Air colours N° 08.3, Piz Languard 105° southeast, earth shadow, 19.9.2022, 19:45, colour photograph laminated behind museum glass, 100x125cm © Guido Baselgia, Malans

Text: Ursula Badrutt


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