Gorge viaducts and points of interest

The whitewater gorge Ova da Bernina separates the village of Pontresina from the Taiswald and its beautiful walking and hiking trails. Three bridges cross the gorge: in the lower area, you will find the Punt ota veglia, the old bridge and landmark of Pontresina, as well as the new Punt ota, the road bridge at Plazza Bernina. In the upper area, the Surovas bridge crosses the gorge and leads into the Taiswald.

From Via Mulin into the Taiswald and back

The adventure trail, which will see additional attractions added until 2025, leads from Plazza Bernina up the steeply rising Via da Mulin. From here, the trail turns right, over the Surovas bridge. Following the existing hiking trails in the romantic Taiswald, the route then returns to the road bridge Punt ota. Along the way, various points of interest invite discoverers to linger and explore. Some offer spectacular views into the whitewater gorge, while others feature the unique nature surrounding it. All these points of interest reveal intriguing and informative stories about Pontresina and its gorge, accessible through QR codes at each site. Immerse yourself in this fascinating Alpine world!

Two new points of interest …

Currently, two new sites are accessible: the spectacular canyon skywalk at Plazza Bernina and the viewing platform “Scena da glatsch” in the heart of the ice-climbing area. Located in an arch of a viaduct below Via da Mulin, this is the perfect spot in which to learn more about ice climbing in the whitewater gorge and about Pontresina as a mountaineering village. The various points of interest in the whitewater gorge Ova da Bernina are being developed in stages. The centrepiece was constructed in the summer of 2023: Plazza Bernina, with its 37-metre-long canyon skywalk. This walkable steel structure “floats” impressively above the gorge. Visitors who venture onto the grating walkway with its slightly transparent effect can experience the steepness and ruggedness of the narrow gorge up close.

More to come in 2024 ...

The summer of 2024 will see four additional points of interest completed. Though not as extravagant as the canyon skywalk, these new attractions will impress with their sleek structures and architectural markers that will highlight picturesque features. Firstly, a telescope-like structure will be created along Via da Mulin. Extending into the gorge, the walkable telescope features a floor-to-ceiling glass pane that offers visitors spectacular views of the abyss. Secondly, three venues will be added on the opposite side of the gorge. In the Taiswald, this magical Swiss stone pine and larch forest, natural vantage points and distinctive landscape features such as a glacial erratic will be highlighted. This completes the adventure trail around the whitewater gorge.

… and 2025

This final stage of the transformation of the Ova da Bernina whitewater gorge will be completed in the summer of 2025 -- with two additional venues near Plazza Bernina. The first is a “viewing platform” that will be created under the road bridge Punt ota. To accommodate this, the bridge’s first arch will be rendered walkable. The second entails the enhancement of the natural vantage point in the nature park of Hotel Saratz, which has always offered one of the most enchanting views over the gorge and the historic Punt ota veglia.

Further venue projects, such as at the Surovas bridge, will be implemented at a later date and in conjunction with bridge and road renovations, if possible. 

The adventure trail around the whitewater gorge Ova da Bernina is a central starting point for numerous other attractions in the Bernina Glaciers adventure area, stretching from Pontresina to the Italian-speaking Valposchiavo. Situated along the UNESCO World Heritage Route of the Rhaetian Railway, this High-Alpine adventure area delights explorers and connoisseurs alike. Renowned for possessing the largest glacier area in the Grisons and the stunning landscape formed by ice giants, the region is also popular with visitors for its southern Grisons climate, culture, architecture and hearty cuisine.

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Pontresina Tourism - {SUBJECT}