A little birdie's heaven

Bird feeding in Pontresina

Walking in the snowy Tais Forest in the middle of Pontresina on cold, clear winter days is an experience in itself. However, the birds provide the so-called icing on the cake. They are particularly hungry in winter and therefore eat right out of your hand. And the best thing is that you don't even have to bring the birdseed yourself. An impressive experience for young and old.

Pontresina: where the birds
will eat out of your hands

Tais Forest - a bird's paradise

In winter, many animals have to walk long distances or overcome large obstacles to find enough food for themselves and their offspring. The cold temperatures and lots of snow make it difficult to find food. Birds also have to search for food more persistently than in other seasons. 

That is why there are feeding places for birds in the Tais Forest in Pontresina. These are regularly filled up with food in winter and can be used for a small voluntary donation. In the meantime, the birds have also noticed this and therefore they are not shy and eat directly from your hand. 

Guided tours "bird feeding"

From 26 December 2019 to 5 March 2020 guided tours will take place in the Tais Forest every Thursday from 11.00 am to 12.00 am. Bird experts will tell you which bird is eating out of your hand and answer questions about the native birds. Registration is not necessary, meeting point is at the feeding station of the Upper Engadine Bird Protection in the Tais Forest in Pontresina. 

By the way: the Stazerwald has numerous hungry sparrows and other bird species, too. You can also try your luck there. However, as there are no feeding places there, you will have to bring your own bird food.