Deer and animal watching in the Val Roseg
The kings of the woods in duel

Deer and animal watching in

Autumn is the rutting season of the deer. While other animals prepare for winter by eating enough food for the cold winter days, for the deer autumn is a time of suffering for love - and a breathtaking natural spectacle for all observers. In Pontresina you can experience this at first hand.

The kings of the woods in an autumnal duel

From friend to foe

The otherwise peaceful animals become bitter enemies at this time. Their loud roaring to repel the competition and to keep the pack members together can be heard far away - in Pontresina as well. In September, guided deer and animal watching tours are held in nearby Val Roseg. The Val Roseg is known for its coniferous forests, rushing streams and fauna and is therefore also very popular with wild animals. 

The early bird hears the roaring

If you want to learn more about the behavior of the deer during the rutting season, you have to get up early, because they roar loudest in the early, misty morning hours. That's why these guided tours start at 06.30 a.m. and include about 1 ½ hours of pure marching time - good shoes as well as warm clothes or rainwear are therefore a must.