Ibex Paradise

Welcome to the El Dorado for ibexes and hikers!

Some 1,800 ibexes cannot possibly all be wrong: the animal depicted in the heraldic symbol of the canton of Graubünden feels most at ease in the mountains surrounding Pontresina. No wonder one the largest colonies of ibexes in the Alps have chosen as their home territory the Piz Albris mountain (3,166 m) near Pontresina. When the meadows in the valley begin to turn green while snow persists above the treeline, some time between the end of April and the beginning of June, Pontresina is arguably the best place to observe a certain phenomenon. It's the time when the "King of the Alps" descends as far as the village periphery to graze the budding blades of grass. Anyone staying in the Engadine mountain village of Pontresina at this time of the year stands a good chance of getting a very close look at ibexes. Pontresina's Ibex Paradise invites nature-loving guests for an entertaining venture keeping track of the paradise-like setting.

One of the largest colonies of ibexes in the Alps have chosen as their home territory the Piz Albris mountain (3,166 m) near Pontresina.

Ibex Promenade

The Ibex Promenade is a one-kilometre hiking trail suitable for prams and featuring seven stops with entertaining information for children and grown-ups on the nature of ibexes, their habitat and geographical presence. The Promenade is accessible all year. Remember: from the beginning of April through the beginning of June, free guided tours of the exciting world of ibexes (of approx. two to three hour's duration) will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. With temperatures beginning to rise from the month of June, the ibexes are going to withdraw to higher altitudes, and Pontresina will switch over to offering free guided marmot and ibex tours from June to October.

Ibex Gallery

Visit the Ibex Gallery at the mountain-top station of the Languard chairlift, 2,325 metres above sea level, to find out more on the thrilling history of the resettlement of ibexes and multi-faceted stories related to them.

Ibex Playground

Only a stone's throw away from Alp Languard, the ibex playground offers boundless opportunities for small climbing champions to get their fair share of exercise. Who walks, runs and climbs faster: you or an ibex? The playground is suitable for children aged six and more.

Paradis Tour

Having reached Alp Languard, hikers are required to choose between a challenging excursion to one of the surrounding mountains cabins or a leisurely stroll on the Paradis Tour featuring Chamanna Cabin. The latter is an entertaining hike affording marvelous views of the Bernina mountain range and, if you are lucky enough, a glimpse of one or the other ibex. Remember: the benches on the way to Chamanna Paradis are worth taking a break on. Listen to Pontresina ranger Daniel Godli telling funny anecdotes on ibexes on the Paradis Tour from Alp Languard to Chamanna Paradis.