Ibex Paradise
Ibex Paradise
Ibex Paradise
Ibex Paradise

Welcome to the Eldorado for rock deer and hikers!

Around 1,800 ibexes can't be wrong: In the mountain world around Pontresina, the Graubünden heraldic animal feels particularly at home. It is not for nothing that one of the largest ibex colonies in the Alps lives on Piz Albris (3,166 m), just outside Pontresina. When the meadows in the valley turn green, but the snow still lies up to the tree line - experience shows that this happens from the end of April to the beginning of June - a phenomenon can be observed in Pontresina like hardly anywhere else. The "king of the Alps" comes down to the edge of the village to feed on the fresh blades of grass. Those who stay in the Engadine mountain village during this period have a good chance to admire the animals at close range. In the Ibex Paradise Pontresina, nature-loving guests are invited to trace these paradisiacal conditions in an entertaining way.

One of the largest ibex colonies in the Alps lives on Piz Albris 3,166 metres above sea level, just outside Pontresina.

Ibex Promenade

On the ibex promenade starting from the church of Sta. Maria, a one-kilometer hiking trail suitable for baby carriages, children and adults receive entertaining information on the character of the animal, its habitat and its distribution at seven steles. And those who want to enjoy the sunshine, has the possibility to lay on the newly installed sunbeds.
The promenade is accessible all year round. Tip: From February to April, guided winter ibex tours take place on Tuesdays. In addition, the traditional spring ibex tours take place from around the end of April to the beginning of June (every Thursday and Saturday). Interested visitors gain exciting insights into the world of the ibex on one of the free guided tours of two to three hours. From June, when the temperatures rise, the ibex can be found again in higher regions. To match this, Pontresina offers the free marmot and ibex excursion from June to October.

Ibex Book

How do ibex cope with the cold season and where do they find food? A large and weatherproof Outdoor Ibex Book provides answers about the ibex and its winter habitat at Sun Terrace Crast'Ota. To observe the wild animals in the ibex paradise from a proper distance, or to dare a sharp look into the Val Roseg, a telescope is now available on site.

Ibex Gallery

At the mountain station of the Languard chairlift at 2,325 meters above sea level at Alp Languard, visitors can learn more about the exciting story of the extinction and reintroduction of the ibex, among other things, in the ibex gallery.

Ibex Playground

Just a few meters from Alp Languard, young climbers can let off steam at the ibex playground: Who runs, climbs or runs faster - the ibex or me? The playground is suitable for children from 6 years.

Paradis Round

Hikers who have arrived at Alp Languard are spoilt for choice: should it be a more demanding excursion to one of the surrounding mountain huts or a leisurely hike on the Paradis Round including the Chamanna Paradis? On this enjoyable loop with a beautiful view of the Bernina massif, with a bit of luck you might also see an ibex or two. Tip: A stop at the benches is worthwhile. Because on the information boards, which are attached to the seven benches from Alp Languard in the direction of Chamanna Paradis, hikers can read humorous anecdotes about the ibex from Pontresina gamekeeper Daniel Godli.

Ibex Pass

With the Ibex Pass, hikers have the opportunity to explore the Ibex Paradise Pontresina in a playful way by visiting the four mountain huts "Unterer Schafberg", "Chamanna Paradis", "Chamanna Segantini" and "Chamanna Georgy" and getting a stamp for their pass. If they also solve the respective hut riddle, the diligent Ibex Paradise hikers receive a small reward on site. The Ibex Pass is available at Pontresina Tourist Information and at the Languard valley and mountain stations.

Via ferrata La Resgia, Languard, Piz Trovat I und II

On a via ferrata, you are safely attached to a fixed cable, with metal rungs, pegs, and ladders for assistance, a safe way to experience the thrill of rock climbing also for beginners. 

The via ferrata La Resgia is located at the end of Pontresina (in the direction of the Berninapass at the left side of the valley), the final is located above the mountain restaurant Alp Languard. In summer 2016, the via ferrata has been extended: the via ferrata Languard. Those who intend to climb this via ferrata, have to follow the end of the via ferrata La Resgia, at first on the hiking trail in the direction of Alp Languard until there is a signalation: via ferrata Languard. 

By the way, climbing enthusiasts will be excited about the via ferratas Piz Trovat I and II at the Piz Trovat with its 300 metres of vertical distance, 500 steps, 600 metres of steel cambles and a 35-metre-long tyrolean. 

High ropes course

Surrounded by tree tops climbing through zip lines, ropeways, balance beams and other challenges, this is the Pontresina high ropes course. It is surrouned by the stunning nature around Pontresina where you can test your climing and balance capacity.

Crag Languard

The Crag Languard is located at the same rock band as the via ferrata Languard and is also suitable for children.

Overnight stays 

Chamanna Georgy

The Chamanna Georgy is situated only 80 metres underneath the Piz Languard at 3'175 metres above sea level. A hiking trail with a high alpine flair leads to the peak of Piz Languard, where you can enjoy a unique panorama. The hut is equiped with 20 beds, a dining room with a library with mountain books and a big terrace with a stunning view on the Bernina-Massif.


Sleeping in a hanging tent in a rock face, high above the valley with a breathtaking clear view. The mountaineering school in Pontresina offers overnights in a «Portaledge» under professional supervision.

Move Overnight stays at the foot of the Ibex Paradis Pontresina

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