Ridges, glaciers and peaks

Alpinism in Pontresina in the Engadine

Snowy ridges, steep ascents to the summits, and spectacular glaciers around Pontresina. Mountaineers with simple equipment, the safety rope knotted around their waists, or tired hikers sitting relaxed in front of a hut.
Such are the historical scenes depicted in the images of photographer Andreas Pedrett. His photographs, all taken from 1933-1953, convey an impressive picture of yesteryear’s alpinism. Andreas Pedrett’s entire photo archive is on display at the Dokumentationsbibliothek St. Moritz [Documentation Library]. It includes approximately 15,000 negatives, glass panes, and original prints. Visitors can view the original photos with a stereoscope and embark on a journey back to the golden age of mountaineering.

The mountain village of Pontresina is the base camp of the Engadine.

Museum Alpin in Pontresina

For visitors keen to learn more about alpinism, a visit to the Alpine Museum is a must. Located in Pontresina on Chesa Delnon, the museum is in a stately Engadine house dating from 1716. The museum shows the development of the small farming village of Pontresina to today's mountain resort. The exhibitions about summer and winter tourism are a true highlight, providing fantastic insights into the pioneering days of mountaineering, the conquest of the Bernina Range, and modern alpinism. The exhibitions on the development of SAC huts and the multimedia "mountain experience" that features pictures of Jette Langhans are also well worth seeing.