Engadine autumn
Fire and Flames

Bucket List for the Engadine Autumn in Pontresina

The East Coast of the USA is well known for its annual spectacle of nature – the Indian Summer. Every autumn the deciduous forests take on colours that spread like a red and golden fire. But you don’t have to travel so far. Pontresina offers its own show to visitors at this time of year. Many locals consider the autumn burst of flaming colour the most beautiful season in the Engadine. This season, which lasts from mid-September to the first snowfall, is sure to banish all autumn blues. See our ten tips for things to do in the golden autumn of Pontresina.

"10 autumn activities you shouldn’t miss."

1. Take an autumn walk

A walk just has to be on any autumn bucket list. Our special tip: takes you along the Morteratsch glacier trail to the ice front of one of the Eastern Alps’ longest glaciers. Amidst such splendid colour, you can do without any Instagram filters.

2. Eat venison

If you know a Grisons hunter, you’ll know that hunting is not a hobby but a passion. In autumn, fresh venison and cranberry specialities are served in Pontresina. Highlight: the Colani Stübli in the Steinbock Hotel mmm...

3. Go on a mountain hike

The scene of the vibrant red dawn sky becoming sunrise over Bernina Massif is a sight you’ll never forget. Magical! Anyone at the Bergsteigerschule Pontresina will be happy to show you how to get up there to view the entire Massif.

4. Take a carriage ride to Val Roseg

Snuggle up to your favourite person under warm blankets and pelts, and enjoy a carriage ride through the valley. The highlight awaits you at the Roseg Gletscher restaurant, which serves the widest selection of mouth-watering desserts in the Engadine.

5. Visit the show dairy

Some 55 years after the last cheese left the Alp Nova, the Pontresina alpine dairy once again began to produce cheese in the traditional way. Here you can look over the cheesemaker’s shoulder to see how it’s done as well as enjoy a platter of local cheeses and cured meats.

6. Sauna at the Bellavita 

What the Finns have always known is also true in Pontresina: – the purifying effect of a sauna. Make this experience your own at the Bellavita Erlebnisbad und Spa. Then cool off in the outdoor area – with an amazing great view of the surrounding mountains.

7. Visit one of  Switzerland’s largest ibex colonies  

A thousand ibex can’t be wrong! The Grisons heraldic animal feels particularly comfortable living in the mountains around Pontresina. Here at the ibex paradise above Pontresina, you can take in the magnificent surroundings and watch these fascinating animals at close hand. You can take a break and refuel on the way up at any of the mountain huts en route. Well then, pack your camera and go!

8. Take the Bernina Express – on your mountain bike

This mountain bike classic never gets boring. If you don’t feel like pedalling, take the Rhaetian Railway as a shuttle up to the Bernina Pass and look forward to the downhill run. It’s especially beautiful in autumn!!

9. Have a glass of gin in the Kronenhof Bar 

Enjoy barrel aged negroni cocktails at Kronenhof bar & lounge or smokers lounge
Chef de Bar László Medgyes prepares it carefully by mixing 2 cl of Copperhead Gin, 2 cl of Campari Bitter and 2 cl of Carpano Antica Formula. The Negroni is an indispensable classic but our barrel-aged Negroni, kept in fresh oak barrels for 6 weeks, takes it to another level. During this time, the cocktail becomes smoother and the intense notes of the alcohol are rounded off for a velvety soft taste and a pleasant, light woody note. Be sure to try it!

10. Ease up!

Without a certain slowness of pace, a trip to Pontresina isn’t really worth anything. Sometimes it might be a good idea just to enjoy your hotel room or holiday apartment in the morning and have a late breakfast. After that, treat yourself to a Grisons nut cake or a nice glass of wine from the neighbouring Veltlin, then take a stroll through Pontresina village along Via Maistra.