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Culture and art trails in Pontresina

Since 2006, Pontresina has been something of a platform for artists. Featuring stone, rock, wood, water, snow, ice, light or air – a vast range of creations using the elements and local materials have seen the light of day. Indeed, from the early days, art trails/Vias d'Art Pontresina has been the focus of the Culture Commission’s programme. To date, there have been three winter and two summer exhibitions. The art trails/Vias d'Art Pontresina includes exhibitions in public spaces, which take place every three years. The art trails in the winter are internationally renowned as snow art competitions. The art trails in the summer, however, are designed as a platform for Grisons artists to exchange with artists from a guest canton.

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Wish – a venetian gondola on the at the food of the morteratsch glacier

An art installation by Richard Praeger from 2. August to 31. October 2019.

A gondola is placed against a mountain backdrop. The alpine environment and the subject exert a mutual stimulus on each other both aesthetically and in terms of content: the harshness and durability of the mountains form a contrast to the elegance and delicate design of the boat. A sculptural feature on the hull of the boat tells a story of unspoken desires and secrets.

An art installation by Richard Praeger

Creative Box – Independent Art Studio

In Pontresina guests let their creativity run free even during the holidays. Namely, in the Creative Box. This studio is a bright and sunny place for art, culture, leisure, togetherness – and free thinking. Publicly accessible and well equipped with paint, tools, all kinds of materials, with all bits and bobs. It is a meeting place for exchange across generations, across cultures and interests, between locals and guests - under the expert guidance of a team of volunteers. Visiting the Creative Box is free. You only pay for the materials used, as well as snacks and drinks. The studio can also be rented exclusively.