For families
Discovering Pontresina as a family
For families
Discovering Pontresina as a family

Discovering Pontresina as a family

Pontresina makes families feel particularly at ease, both in summer and in winter. How come? Good question. Perhaps the answer is hidden behind the ten suggestions for families below. 

Morteratsch glacier trail

There’s a lot to be discovered on the glacier trail throughout the year. On your walk towards the glacier, you’ll be inspired by the breathtaking mountain backdrop while your children are learning something. “Sabi’s big dream”, a series of books, is an adventure tour for kids aged between five and twelve. A small surprise awaits your children once they’ve collected check stamps at various information panels!

Pontresina high-rope climbing garden: a rush of adrenaline for the fearless!

You and your children are always in for some action? You love a challenge and aren’t afraid of heights? Off you go to the Pontresina high-rope climbing garden, where adults and children from age four are tested for agility on simple suspended bridges, rope slides, balancing-beams and the like. In the summer months, the high-rope climbing garden is an ideal playground of great balancing, swinging and climbing variety.

A swim in Lake Staz

Lej da Staz is arguably the most well-known mountain lake in the Engadine. It is especially suitable for families as there are several open fireplaces and barbecue areas around the lake, apart from the local restaurant. Lake Staz is good for kids and less than a 40-minute walk away from Pontresina. 

Cavaglia glacier garden

Cavaglia’s glacial mills are a unique natural phenomenon. Over millennia, glacial water, till and gravel have worked the solid rock to mill huge holes into the ground, some of them as deep as fifteen metres. The Cavaglia glacier garden, also referred to as Giants’ Pots, is located at the foot of the Bernina mountain range. Children will be awaited by Grummo, the friendly giant, who’ll tell them how he became a giant.

Val Roseg in a horse-drawn carriage

In the Engadine, a ride in a horse-drawn carriage is a must in every season. Curl yourself up underneath the furs and blankets, and listen to the horses puffing and their bells ringing. To top it all off, the Engadine’s largest choice of desserts will be waiting for all guests, young and old, at Restaurant Roseg Gletscher. We recommend covering one way walking the charming Fix adventure trail where Fix, the cunning fox, will point out to children the beauty of his valley and everything to be heard, seen or sniffed at.

Bellavita Pool & Spa

The aquatic world right in the middle of the village has everything it takes for real bathing pleasure, i.e. a black-hole slide, 75 metres long, a fountain garden for infants, a 25-metre pool, an outdoor pool and a spa featuring saunas and a steam bath for adults. Refreshments are available at the Bistro. So why not spend the whole day at Bellavita Pool & Spa?

Morteratsch alpine cheese dairy

Cosy, authentic and delicious. In summer, the Morteratsch alpine cheese dairy is the ultimate place for an outing and retreat. Savour traditional regional specialities. Cheese is produced on site, and there’s a lot to learn for you on the craft of cheese-making while your children are working off their energy on the playground or observing hares in the local pen.

Picnic in Bernina Glaciers adventure territory

Settle down for a cosy picnic and enjoy the natural environment. There’s no easier place to do it than the Bernina Glaciers adventure territory around Pontresina. In the surroundings of the Morteratsch campground and Kuhböden, you’ll find numerous picnic sites in sparse forest, or well-tended open fireplaces with tables and benches. At Lej Aratsch and along the mountain brooks, children are free to be their own selves, building cairns or little boats of wood, or simply playing hide-and-seek.