Pontresina for teenagers
From adrenaline rushes to ultimate chilling
Pontresina for teenagers
From adrenaline rushes to ultimate chilling

Pontresina for teenagers, compiled by teenagers

Pontresina offers a variety of activities and experiences for different interests and all age groups. Here are some suggestions particularly suitable for teenagers.     

Bird-feeding in Tais forest

Tais forest is situated at the heart of Pontresina. It is an ideal place for relaxation and retreat. Once in the midst of it, you’ll find yourself far away from the world outside and day-to-day routine. What’s special about this particular forest is its two bird-feeding places. Stretch out your hand with some birdseed on your palm, and, surely, some hungry birds will come and get it. 

Horse rides and carriage trips with Gina’s riding school

The Wohlwend family love horses and nature. Throughout the year, Gina Wohlwend offers horse rides, one-day outings on horseback and monthly full-moon rides while her husband is in charge of trips in horse-drawn carriages. The Wohlwends own a sufficient number of horses of various temperaments to offer the perfect match for all experienced riders or beginners.  

Ice, Ice, Baby!

The Roseg natural-ice rink is open from late December to mid-February, with disco music played every Friday night! Lighting provided by the moon and floodlights, and cool beats roaring from speakers. Skating and rental skates are free of charge. Should you run out of steam unexpectedly, or suffer from frozen feet, try Giardin Restaurant and Bar, a hip place to regain strength and warmth.

Cuntschet sports ground, cross-country skiing centre and pump track

The Cuntschet sports ground makes the hearts of athletes beat faster. In summer, it’s where people meet until late for a game of football or beach volleyball. In winter, the ground converts into a centre for cross-country skiers, from which to go off in various directions, whether on skating-skis or in classical style. This is outdoor exercise in its purest form!

The pump track is yet another reason why the Cuntschet sports ground is a favourite place to go for local youth. The 350-metre pump track is the perfect course for beginners, ambitious amateurs and expert bikers alike. We suggest wearing biking clothes and protective gear; wearing a helmet is mandatory. The pump track is open to skaters, too.

Lazing at Gianottis

If your thing is to drink a latte macchiato or a cappuccino in a warm and cosy ambience, and muse on life and the world, Gianottis is where you want to go. And when you feel peckish, all you need to do is choose between sweet or salty. Both foodies and chillers definitely won’t be disappointed thanks to vegetarian meals and regional game dishes as well as sweet delights from the in-house confectionery.

Laret market

The Laret market is cult. In summer, locals of all age groups just love to gather there. This is precisely why it’s so appealing to guests. Be sure to experience the relaxed atmosphere of a village festival. Most of the crowd usually gather around the stall of the Giuventüna Pontresina youth club, where live music is performed. The Laret market takes place every other week in summer on a total of five Thursday evenings.

Pontresina high-rope climbing garden and ice climbing

In summer, the Pontresina high-rope climbing garden is just the right thing for action-loving teenagers. The courses offer variety and excitement such as climbing, seesawing, balancing, swinging and covering level distances.

The more daring and experienced climbers among you ought to try ice climbing in Pontresina’s village valley in winter. Professional guides from the Pontresina Mountaineering School offer various courses including rental equipment and gear.   

Cinema Rex

Sit back in a comfortable armchair and empty your box of popcorn before the film starts rolling: what a classic! Tiny but very cosy Cinema Rex presents at least one film every day. Its programme varies between the latest blockbusters and film classics, often screened in the original language. For Cinema Rex’s programme, go here.

Paragliding and passenger flights

While the pilot peacefully prepares for take-off, your adrenaline level will be rising spontaneously. And soon you’ll be hovering high up in the air. The Engadine from a bird’s eye view is a very special adventure already! But feeling the wind blowing in your face on top of it is the ultimate experience! If interested, go here.   

Lake Staz, the place to be

Lake Staz, or Lej da Staz in the Romansh language, is a small lake that has caught people’s imagination for generations. It’s the perfect place to hang out, preferably with all your friends. Whether for a barbecue in summer, including a dive into the cool water, or a leisurely walk in winter, Lake Staz is a popular spot and the place to be even for teenagers.