Top 10 things to do
New ways of discovering and experiencing Pontresina
Top 10 things to do
New ways of discovering and experiencing Pontresina

What local guides suggest

Embark on new avenues to discover Pontresina. When visiting, make sure to put the ten features below on your to-do list!

On the hunt for game? Try a game dish!

In the canton of Graubünden, big-game hunting is more than a pastime; it’s a cultural feature. There are numerous hunters in the Engadine, going about their passion and supplying game to the restaurants. Game is served with traditional side dishes such as Spätzli pasta, chestnuts, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage and lingonberries. But you will come across many a new, creative and less traditional way of presenting game on restaurant menus. 

Gondolezza: it’s all about cheese!

Gondolezza is a genuine paradise for lovers of cheese. In what is probably Pontresina’s most extraordinary restaurant, glacier cheese is served as fondue or raclette on oak tables. Whether indoors or outside on the sundeck, enjoy some unforgettable cheese taste in a sociable setting. 

Work off your energy in the Diavolezza/Lagalb region

Whether in winter or summer, this is the place for all your leisure-time activities! You are guaranteed to find sufficient snow and the skiing experience of your dreams, on runs or off-piste, in the Diavolezza/Lagalb area. Looking for a unique treat? Try the La Rösa firn run from the Lagalb mountaintop station down to La Motta in Val Poschiavo, or Switzerland’s longest glacier run from the Diavolezza mountaintop station straight to the sundeck of Restaurant Morteratsch.

In summer, get a mountain bike and discover the fascinating world of mountains on one of the countless single or flow trails at the Bernina pass.

Cross-country skiing in Val Roseg

Val Roseg is one of the most picturesque places in the Upper Engadine, most definitely so in winter. The wild and romantic valley with its glittering landscape, peace and quiet, surrounding mountains and glaciers smacks of pure magic. Going there on cross-country skis is a special treat, albeit in classic style only. The 7.5-kilometre classic trail leads from Pontresina straight to Val Roseg. 

Discover the Bernina Glaciers adventure territory

Pontresina is encircled by white giants, i.e. glaciers. Extending over seven kilometres, Morteratsch is the longest glacier in the Engadine, and certainly the most impressive one! And yet, the smaller ones called Roseg, Tschierva, Sella and Pers, with their numerous crevasses and ice caves, are spectacles of nature in their own right. What’s more, you’ll find all of them just around the corner, in the Bernina region. However, be careful when visiting the Bernina Glaciers adventure territory because glaciers are dangerous! Be wise and book an expert guide at Pontresina’s mountaineering school.

Alp Languard

From the village, take the chairlift up to the Alp Languard mountaintop restaurant at 2,325 metres above sea level, and enjoy a unique view of Piz Palü and the Bernina range. The restaurant is famous for its culinary delights from Alpine breakfast through pizzoccheri to big-size cream pastry. Open daily from June through October 2020. 

Bernina Express

The Bernina Express line leads across the Bernina pass and down to Tirano past Lago Bianco, Alp Grüm and other sights. As a masterpiece of engineering and choice of route, this railway line has featured on UNESCO’s list of world cultural heritage since 2008. Early seat reservation is recommended due to considerable demand. 

Muottas Muragl / Segantini cabin / Panorama trail  

Pontresina’s altitude is 1,800 metres above sea level. If you wish to go higher still, visit one of these vantage points:  

Muottas Muragl

The oldest funicular in the canton takes you up to 2,456 metres above sea level. Alight from it and, no matter whether in summer, autumn or winter, you’ll be stunned by a most beautiful view of almost all the peaks, valleys and lakes in the region. Muottas Muragl has been widely known as an outstanding vantage point for a long time. And yet, it remains a must-go destination for all mountain lovers and nature enthusiasts. 

Segantini cabin

Chamanna Segantini, as it is referred to in the local Romansh language, can be reached from either Muottas Muragl or directly from Pontresina. The cabin is located at Schafberg, at 2,731 metres above sea level. It owes its name to world-famous painter Giovanni Segantini, who died on Pontresina’s local mountain in 1899. Segantini cabin is open all summer.  

Panorama trail 

The panorama trail connects Alp Languard, above Pontresina, with Muottas Muragl. Walking it does not require any special skills. Along the way, you’ll enjoy unobstructed view of the Bernina mountain range, the Roseg glacier, the plateau of lakes in the Upper Engadine and countless peaks. So lace up your boots, pack some lunch, and off you go!

Alpine cheese dairy

The Morteratsch Alpine cheese dairy combines tradition with indulgence and experience of nature. It’s where cheese gourmets and nature lovers meet. For those keen on discovery, the Alpine cheese dairy produces cheese the very traditional way every day. The Morteratsch Alpine cheese dairy is open daily from the beginning of July to the beginning of October. 

Ibex paradise

Pontresina is the ultimate ibex paradise. Piz Albris is home to the largest colony of ibexes in the Alps, currently around 1,800 of them. Every year between late April and early June, major packs of ibexes descend to the valley to graze on the fresh meadows, giving anyone a chance to observe them from close up. The best spot to view them on Ibex Promenade is from Sta. Maria church.