Exhibition in Saratz: Nature and Color

Via da la Staziun, 7504 Pontresina +41 81 839 40 00www.saratz.chinfo@saratz.ch



The eight Swiss Artists presenting their works are:

Elisabeth Moers, Susan Kopp, Andrea Röthlin, Markus Graf, Reto Grond, Pe Horber, Gabriel Mazenauer, and Michael Scherer.

The artist and the Hotel Saratz Team are looking forward to welcome you for snack and drinks, as well as tour through the fascinating exhibition.

Among the Works presented are paintings, drawings, prints and photography in both, small and large scale. Throughout the large Hotel park visitors will encounter sculptures and installations made of different materials such as wood, stone, iron, steel plates, and more. Some artists are represented with both, paintings and sculptural works, at times creating intriguing juxtapositions between the two media.

As the exhibition’s title already hints at, the show, Nature and Color, contains all colors that are represented in nature, creating the most varied contrasts.

The exhibition is open to the public at all times, and exhibition tours are offered on request.