Exhibition in Saratz: Müller Tauscher

Via da la Staziun, 7504 Pontresina +41 81 839 40 00www.saratz.chinfo@saratz.ch


The summer exhibition will include artwork from 9 artists from across Switzerland.

Inside the hotel buildings, four artists exhibit paintings, ink drawings, sketches, and photography. With exhibits large and small, the artwork is thoughtfully grouped to harmonize beautifully, giving each of the rooms an exciting new look. The paintings are complemented by small indoor sculptures.

In the hotel park grounds, larger sculptures and objects made of materials such as wood, stone, bronze, iron, glass, plastic, and pottery beautify the landscape and await discovery. The different materials of the sculptures create fascinating contrasts to the nature surrounding them, transforming the park into a walk-through picture book. In different weathers and at different times of day, the sculptures take on a completely new appearance, with shifting light and shadow adding an extra level of vitality.

Artists inside:

Tom Bauer,  S U S A, Silvia Michel, Kathrin Severin

Artists outside:

Donat Fritschy, Peter Gygax, Susan Kopp, Thomas Lüscher, Elisabeth Schneller

Guided tours every Mondays at 11.00am by reservation the evening before.

Curator: Erika Saratz
Hotel contact person: Yvonne Urban Scherer