Pedestrianised area for personal encounters

Viva la via: pedestrianised area for personal encounters in Pontresina

During the 2018 summer season, Pontresina will be conducting “Viva la via”, a pilot project designed to test, for the first time ever, what locals and guests think of a pedestrianised area for personal encounters between Sporthotel and Hotel Engadinerhof. The idea of “Viva la via” is to make the village livelier still, for the benefit not only of the population at large but, particularly, of tourism, retail businesses as well as hotels and restaurants. It is important to note that “Viva la via” is not meant as competition for the Laret Market.

Information and road traffic

Fundamental aspects

Fundamentally, the “Viva la via” pilot project is meant to:

  • make Pontresina and its Via Maistra yet more appealing;
  • make guests and locals more acquainted with what is currently on offer;
  • create a great experience in an area for guests and locals;
  • position Via Maistra as an exciting boulevard to stroll along;
  • make the village livelier still; and
  • continue to develop Pontresina as an innovative and active village.

...and all this with positive side effects for tourism, retail businesses and Pontresina’s hotels and restaurants.

Area for personal encounters

Every Tuesday from 17 July through 9 October 2018, between 5pm and 9pm, Via Maistra will be closed for road traffic between the Convention Centre and Hotel Bernina.

Throughout the period specified above, restaurants and shops along Via Maistra will be given an opportunity to benefit from a pedestrianised area. Official opening hours of the shops will be the same as on "normal" working days. In addition, Pontresina Tourism will provide entertainment on some days. Check this page plus for details.

Road traffic

During the period specified above, access to the village centre will be limited and partially blocked for road traffic. Please observe the additional road signs.


  • The Rondo and Mulin car parks will be accessible to everyone.
  • The car park at Bellavita Pool & Spa will be closed between 5pm and 9pm.
  • All residents of the area will be allowed to use their regular parking spots. More parking at Gitöglia, Rusellas and the train station.


  • Bus stop out of use: Rondo
  • Bus stop to be used instead: Punt’Ota Sur