Vacation rentals 2.0

A dusty hockey trophy sitting on the cabinet, old, scratchy towels in the bathroom and a sticker of Rudi Völler's mullet on the fridge. This nostalgic image of the vacation rental business is definitely not the world of Bettina Plattner Gerber, vacation rental hotelier. For this very reason, she and her husband launched the "Alpine Lodging" brand. Alpine Lodging means apartments with a twist: with these vacation rentals, the guest immerses themself in a specially created adventure world – and not in that of the owner or predecessor. In short: accommodation of hotel-room quality with freely selectable services, which include a filled fridge, daily cleaning or a brunch butler. Simply everything you need for a contemporary holiday in Pontresina.

Bettina Plattner-Gerber
Vacation rental hotelier and entrepreneur from Pontresina

Bettina Plattner Gerber, vacation rentals hotelier and entrepreneur, first founded the company Alpine Lodging together with her husband Richard Plattner, successfully launching the new concept of serviced apartments in Pontresina.
Pontresina is like an old friend with whom you feel totally at ease.

The reason the Alpine lodges are located in Pontresina rather than anywhere else is clear for Bettina Plattner Gerber: "Pontresina has a heart, a tangible life of its own. On the bustling main street, you meet familiar faces. And you immediately feel at home – whether you are a guest or a local." Pontresina is like an old friend with whom you feel totally at ease. "Pontresina is simply my favourite place in the Engadine. Luxurious, but not in the traditional sense. Rather understated. The fine things paired with a premium selection."

But back to the Alpine lodges. Bettina Gerber Plattner describes her typical guest as the explorer type – someone who likes to try out something new. And what does Bettina Plattner Gerber prefer herself – vacation rentals or a hotel? "For me, it's still a hotel, as I am a complete service freak. But I want to book a vacation rental sometime soon. I just haven’t found anything suitable," she says with a smile.